Junior Racing in SoCal…

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.

Best Junior club in the USA.  But then Junior races are run three at a time at crits because there is so much to do and so little time.

Money, politics, etc.  The usual suspects.

What we are doing about it, Part 1:  AntiGravity Cycling supports Junior racing in SoCal.  We will offer separate Junior races for every group with five or more racers.  We offer shorter – but still inpressive – courses for the younger categories of Juniors.
We recruit parents of Junior racers as Course Marshals at turns, at Feed Zones, and on the course.  We know you are our greatest resource should a racer need help on the course for any reason.

Specifically, at Nine Mile Canyon:  Full TT course is 16 miles.  Younger Juniors ride 10 miles.  This deletes the toughest section, right at the end, and gives more rest time to prepare for the Circuit Race.

At Tuttle Creek:  Two loops, for 20 miles.  Shortest course length of the day.  Still a pretty good challenge, with 1000′ of gain each lap.  Racers are never more than a couple of minutes from us.

We hope to have some Juniors out at each of these early season races.  Grab the HUGE haul of SoCal Cup Points available!! Fields have to be 5 of more for the SoCal Cup Points, right?

What we are doing about it, Part 2:  Stay tuned for some exciting news on the topics of education and training.  Not strictly for Juniors.  Very pro.  Very useful.  Very convenient.  More on this Very soon.