YOUNGER JUNIORS always race on a shortened course at AntiGravity Cycling races.

For the Nine Mile Canyon Omnium, that means 10.2 miles instead of the full 16 miles.  They miss out on the easiest part of the course, about 3.5 miles worth, but they also miss out on the toughest pitch of all, right at the end.

And six miles is, after all, six miles.

Some of the fields are past the magical FIVE RIDER MINIMUM we need in order to get a huge haul of SoCal Cup Points (and upgrade points, of course).  Others are close.


Registration closes tonight at 8:00PM, so get off the fence if you are thinking about some climbing in the very Southern end of the Eastern Sierra.  I will have another update tonight…going to ride the big Kawasaki up there right now for course marking and last-minute intel.