Tuttle Creek Road Race Notes

1) Race Categories will be combined (as needed) at the close of Online Registration, which is Thursday night at midnight.

If YOU want to decide which categories are going to have enough racers to run, you do that by signing up online.

2) Registration for morning races is 7:00 – 8:30.
Registration for afternoon races is 11:00 – 11:30.

3) We have a CHP Sargeant and the guy from Inyo County Roads Dept. (who signs our permits) BOTH living right on the course. You can expect that ANYTHING YOU DO will be seen by somebody who will influence our ability to run ANY RACE, ANYWHERE in Inyo County in the future. Important things include:

a. Ride to the right in the lane where you can. The roads are OPEN to traffic, and we expect you to be courteous to motorists at all times.

b. STOP at the STOP signs. I know this is unusual. I hear it at every race we put on. Inyo County requires this of us, so we require it of you. We WILL DQ anybody who runs the STOP signs. It is the only way we can protect OUR RACE from those riders who think the rules do not apply to them. There will be a map at Registration showing the three STOP signs.

c. Use the bathroom before the race. Using the bushes gets us in big trouble. Another chance to get a DQ. Please don’t.

4) We will have the usual stuff: Hammer HEED and Electrolytes, bananas, pretzels, fig newtons, some kind of granola bars, etc. No hot chocolate.

5) It should be cool in the morning (45-50F) and warm in the afternoon (75-82F). Just about perfect race weather.

6) I like making lists!