This is just the “message” you will get from BikeReg after you register.  Useful intel, so here you go!


Thanks for signing up for the Death Valley Road Omnium.  We really appreciate that you will be joining us.  It is a long drive, there are other things you could be doing, and we never forget that.

Registration / Start of Stage 1 is at the intersection of CA168 and Death Valley Road.  Same as the DVR Stage Race and Day 2 of the Everest Challenge.

We will have porta potties on site if there are enough people signed up ahead of time for us to afford it.  Like, that would be 30 by Thursday night.  We know this is a popular thing, but…stuff costs money, as you know.

Stage 1 is just the front side climb of Death Valley Road, from 3940′ to the summit at 7660′, which is 14 miles.  Timing stops there, and we will have the usual array of goodies and cold drinks.  And ice of course.

Stage 2 starts at the far end of DV Rd, so you will ride down down down into Death valley it’s own bad self.  There IS a sharp little pitch on the way down, but it is one of our favorite rides anywhere.  Give yourself about an hour to get to the bottom at 3200′.

Stage 2 climbs the back side of Death Valley Road to the same summit, and we will put the placings together for the Omnium Points and see who won.  Again with the food and drinks.

P.S. Apparently, BikeReg lets you sign up without putting in your USAC License number.  This is very very bad.  It makes us unhappy to have to copy down all those numbers at registration when all of those nice folks WHO PUT IN THEIR NUMBERS ONLINE are waiting behind you in line.  We are even more unhappy when we are online Sunday night looking up the numbers we forgot to ask for at registration.  PUT IN YOUR USAC DATA, including your team name also.  We WILL look up License numbers.  We absolutely, positively, definitely WILL NOT put in team names after the race.