Finally, the last little hurdle has been cleared.

The First Firecracker 5000 is live. Brought to you by your friends at GS Andiamo and AntiGravity Cycling, in beautiful Redlands. Truly on the edge of civilization. Really! You can see it from the course! But freeway close too.

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What it is all about:

JUNIORS and Cat5 and Cat4, mostly. Everybody can race, but we are really geared toward those categories.

TWO days, but FOUR races.

Monday, July 3: Morning is a Criterium. 800m loop around a parking lot sounds kinda dull, but this is no boring loop! There is enough of a rise up one of the long sides to ensure that a 20-30 second hard effort will put folks very deep into the hurt locker. The free ride down the other long side turns out to be another great place to get away too!

Afternoon is a short TT. A technical, tight climb up the parking lot. Then go find some cool place to hang out and recover. We will have cool drinks and snacks and things available for all, so help yourself!

If enough folks come out to the Firecracker, we will have a pizza party. Okay, we *are* going to have a pizza party. I mean if enough folks come out to race, we will buy YOU pizza. We like pizza. Probably you do too.

Tuesday, July 4: Morning is another Criterium. Except we go around the course the other direction. Nobody expects it at first, but it feels very different in the other direction.

Afternoon is Pursuit Racing. This is usually a track event, but our course lends itself to a Pursuit race. Two at a time, riders start on opposite sides of the course, start at the same time, and … pursue each other! This is scored by recording everybody’s times like in the TT. Fastest wins. We could have runoffs for the fastest. Again, if enough folks show up.

Scoring is Omnium style. This means that racers get points for each race, and most points wins. Each of the four events gets the same points, so they are all equally important. We like that, because it means anybody could do well.

It is all on the flyer. CASH prizes in lots of categories, MEDALS, primes, snacks, a huge grass park to hang out in before and after the races, real restrooms, lots of parking, a terrific course, and the only thing missing is YOU.