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We promote bicycle events.  Most are two-day climbing races that are sanctioned by USA Cycling, the 800 pound gorilla of bicycling in the USA.  We are working on some really outside-the-box events for late 2012 and 2013:  a Gran Fondo in the redwoods, a couple of MTB races, a couple of mixed-terrain rides.  Road bike with wide tires?  Cross rig?  MTB?  Run whatcha brung kind of racing that might be the most fun you have ever had on two wheels.  ALL of our events are available to anybody with a bicycle, and links to the registration pages can be found on the obvious pages.

ALL AntiGravityCycling events are ridiculously well supported!  We will feed you, hand you a bottle or half a banana, and carry your stuff to the Finish Line if the ride finishes in a chilly place.  Sometimes there is *s*n*o*w*.  Usually no extreme weather, but we make hot drinks if that is going to happen.