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Here are the standings so far…

Death Valley Road Stage Race, Sherman Pass Road Race, Death Valley Road Omnium, Mt Whitney Stage Race, Everest Challenge Stage Race.

20 points for each day finished…10 points for DNF.

100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 for the top ten finishers.  GC for the Omnium and Stage Races.

EC gets double points for both categories…you already know why.

Read the FB page for more…loads of free entries and merch prizes…

Category First Name Last Name Team DV_SP1 DV_SP2 DV_GC SP_SP SP_FP TOTAL
Men 35+/45+ Patrick Copp Team rockform 20 20 100 20 100 260
Men 55+/60+/65+ Peter Dufour 20 20 90 20 90 240
Men Pro/1/2/3 Chris Walker 20 20 90 20 90 240
Men 35+/45+ Adam Pacal 20 20 90 20 80 230
Men 4/5 alfredo asuzano Coates cyclery 20 20 60 20 90 210
Women 1/2/3/4 Carol Lynn Neal Sisterhood of Cycling 20 20 80 20 70 210
Men 35+/45+ Bobby Rees POC + Ritte / Ritte Van Vlaanderen 20 20 60 20 40 160
Men 4/5 Alain Asuzano Coates Cyclery 20 20 90 20 10 160
Men 4/5 Geoffrey Bartz Bolthouse Farms 20 20 50 20 50 160
Men 4/5 Erik Dootson 20 20 40 20 60 160
Men 4/5 Ben Foster Ritte Van Vlaanderen 20 20 100 140
Men 55+/60+/65+ Terry Corl EMERALD TEXTILES/SDBC 20 20 80 20 140
Men 55+/60+/65+ Carl Nielson CA Technologies Racing 20 20 100 140
Men Pro/1/2/3 David Baar POC+Ritte 20 20 80 20 140
Men Pro/1/2/3 will riffelmacher The Olympic Club 20 20 100 140
Women 1/2/3/4 Jennifer Girard Eastside Velo 20 20 100 140
Women 1/2/3/4 AMY SMITH EAST SIDE VELO 20 20 90 130
Junior 17-18 Samuel Krut 20 100 120
Men 35+/45+ Michael Krauchi Platinum Performance Cycling Team 20 20 80 120
Men 35+/45+ AARON LABARRE 20 20 30 20 30 120
Men 35+/45+ Shawn Van Gassen Surf City 20 20 40 20 20 120
Men 35+/45+ Alan Zarembo 20 20 70 10 120
Men 4/5 David Aldrich D|Focus 20 20 80 120
Men 4/5 shannon scott Cal Coast Bike 20 20 20 60 120
Men 35+ Aaron Wise POC + Ritte 20 100 120
Men 4/5 Giovanni Ortiz Twin Star Racing 20 100 120
Men 55+ David Smith 20 100 120
Men 60+ herb johnson san diego cyclovets 20 100 120
Men Pro/1/2/3 Alexander Gaidis Brown University 20 100 120
Women 1/2/3/4 Cynthia Sjogren Team Redlands 20 100 120
Men 4/5 Robert Manchester 20 20 70 110
Men 35+ Matthew Wikstrom 20 90 110
Men 45+ John Hatchitt SPY Giant Ride 20 90 110
Men 55+ Michael Hines Stage One 20 90 110
Men 55+/60+/65+ Jef Chadwick 20 20 70 110
Men Pro/1/2/3 john costanza Audi Cycling Team 20 20 70 110
Women 1/2/3/4 Christine Ryan SF2G 20 20 70 110
Women 1/2/3/4 Angela Wimberly Michelob Ultra La Grange +21 20 90 110
Men 35+/45+ Joel Wheeler 20 20 20 20 20 100
Men 4/5 Sungkwan Cho Kore Cycle Team 20 80 100
Men 45+ Bill Carlson Rock Sports Racing/Don’s Bikes 20 80 100
Men 55+ Joel Sothern RokNRoad 20 80 100
Men 60+ Duane Mulvaney Landis/White Mountain 20 80 100
Men Pro/1/2/3 Casey Clark Landis/Trek 20 80 100
Men Pro/1/2/3 Joseph Garey Allegiant Airlines p/b k 20 20 60 100
Women 1/2/3/4 Annie Carrino Sisterhood of Cycling 20 80 100
Men 35+/45+ Todd Hensley 20 20 50 90
Men 35+ George Tomasich Canyon Velo 20 70 90
Men 4/5 Zack Sosnowski 20 70 90
Men 45+ James Wimberly UC Cyclery / JW Floors 20 70 90
Men 55+ Marc Spivey StageOne Cycling Team 20 70 90
Men 60+ David Lampe Kern Wheelmen 10 20 60 90
Men 60+ Reed Moore UC Cyclery/JW Flooring 20 70 90
Men Pro/1/2/3 Tony Brady Incycle p/b Fullcircle 20 70 90
Men Pro/1/2/3 Yashindir Gokul Carefast p/b Les Rois 20 20 50 90
Men 35+ Chris ludikhuize Team Redlands 20 60 80
Men 55+ Robert Willcox UC Cyclery/JW Flooring 20 60 80
Men Pro/1/2/3 Seth Britton 20 60 80
Women 1/2/3/4 Raegan Lunsford Michelob Ultra LaGrange/Velo Club LaGrange 20 60 80
Men 4/5 Christian Haarala RSR p/b Don’s Bikes 20 20 30 70
Men 35+ Dedrick Kon 20 50 70
Men 45+ Carlos Ristorcelli Ironfly 20 50 70
Men 55+ Jeff Moreton RokForm/Rock n Road 20 50 70
Men Pro/1/2/3 sean yeager Newhall Bicycle Club 20 50 70
Women 1/2/3/4 leah Rodarti sisterhood of cycling 20 50 70
Men 4/5 Peter Borowski Reno Cycling Club/ Reno Cycling Team p/b Nature’s Bakery 20 20 20 60
Men 4/5 Benjamin Fader-Rattner 20 20 20 60
Men 35+ Alfredo Jimenez ARB4U – Vital Care 20 40 60
Men 4/5 Stephen Waits 20 40 60
Men 55+ fred wilson 20 40 60
Men Pro/1/2/3 Brian McCulloch KHS-Maxxis-Jakroo 20 40 60
Women 1/2/3/4 Briana Johnson 20 40 60
Men 35+/45+ Clay Hubbard 20 20 10 50
Men 4/5 Alex Braunstein Team Roaring Mouse 20 20 10 50
Men 35+ Rick Andrews Santa Clarita Velo 20 30 50
Men 4/5 Maksim Gusev 20 30 50
Men 55+ David Fetah Racsport Cycling Team 20 30 50
Men Pro/1/2/3 Jon Budinoff 20 30 50
Women 1/2/3/4 Kimberly Tom Holliday Rock p/b Zoca 20 30 50
Men 4/5 Kevan Aurand 20 20 40
Men 4/5 Alexander Komlik SJBC 20 20 40
Men 4/5 Eric Murray Suffolk-Sunpower Racing 20 20 40
Men 4/5 Stefan Peroutka Team Brocken Spoke 20 20 40
Men 4/5 jeffery rogers SJBC 20 20 40
Men 4/5 Andrew Wilson 20 20 40
Men 4/5 Brian O’Connor 20 20 40
Men 55+ Thomas Morgan Bolthouse Farms 20 20 40
Men Pro/1/2/3 Scott Lundy Serious Cycling 20 20 40
Men 35+ Bill Hinshaw Lightning Velo / CPEP 20 10 30
Men 4/5 Max Duck 20 10 30
Men 45+ Greg Fenton uccyclery J&W flooring 20 10 30
Men 55+ Cleaveran Law Lightning Velo 20 10 30
Men 4/5 Nick Bales 20 20
Men 4/5 Aaron Daly Ritte Racing 20 20
Men 4/5 Miko Espanol Big Orange Cycling 20 20
Men 4/5 Andrew Gates 20 20
Men 4/5 Ryan Hallman 20 20
Men 4/5 Arjuna Hutchins Twin Star Racing 20 20
Men 4/5 Ernest Lohman pinnacile 20 20
Men 4/5 Kenyon Ralph 20 20
Men 4/5 Carlos Salazar Twin Star Racing 20 20
Men 4/5 Lars Sjostrand 20 20
Men 4/5 Kristopher Sveen Dons Bikes 20 20
Men 4/5 Mario Vidal 20 20
Men 45+ douglas barker velocity 20 20
Men 45+ Greg Page Lightning Velo 20 20
Men Pro/1/2/3 Bryan Boyhan 20 20
Men Pro/1/2/3 Benjamin Cheetham Velo Club LaGrange 20 20
Men Pro/1/2/3 Jeff Fulford Team Redlands 20 20
Men Pro/1/2/3 Eric Shadle Team Redlands 20 20
Men 45+ Jim Kelly Eastside Velo 20 20
Junior 17-18 Kevin barker team velocity 10 10
Men 35+ Lucas godburn 10 10
Men 4/5 betzalel levin Ritte racing 10 10
Men 55+ Steve Hensler UCCYCLERY/JWFLOORS 10 10
Men Pro/1/2/3 Jerry Rios OTR Racing 10 10
Women 1/2/3/4 Cindy Fenton Sisterhood of Cycling 10 10



WOW!! As always, an intense week with a lot of stories and a lot of unexpected parts to it. Here are a few of those…

First, the absolutely incredible work done by the volunteers. This is no different than at any other event, right? Not exactly. The number of LastMinuteMiracles (LMM) was at an all-time maximum.

Archie and Carol Archuleta are Freedom In Motion, the Therapeutic Equestrian Center that sits in the Hammill Valley 24 miles North of Bishop. They have been going to the Everest Challenge longer than I have, and they ALWAYS bring a crew, and they ALWAYS get it all done as if it was easy. It never is, they just make it look like a day in the park somehow.

First two and last two Aid Stations on Stage 1…that would be Archie you saw wearing two musette bags. Very efficient, better every time he does something, always moving. And Carol with the giant 3+3 doolie packed with folks and stuff. Making first time helpers – lots of them the kids that she teaches – feel like they know what they are doing. Then Glacier Lodge, 6000′ Spring, and 8000′ side of the road Sunday. Yeah, that would be half of the race, right?

Thanks Archie and Carol and all of the cool folks you brought with you!!!

Then there were the LMM folks. I am doing this away from home and all the lists and things…so if I leave you out of this list, let me know and I will fix it! It is no exaggeration to say that we COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT without these folks, and I tried to make sure that each and every one knew that this weekend.

In no particular order…

Brad House…my buddy from SoCal, a long time racer and a fellow event promoter. We have been helping each other for a while now, but this was the most yet by far! That was Brad cooking up a storm at both Finish Lines, and inventing soup from the highly random, poor selection of ingredients I presented him with Saturday. Better stuff on Sunday, and the food came out of that tiny field kitchen like clockwork. Good food. Thanks, Brad!!

Trisha Moyer, who I owe my life to several times over by now and love dearly. She cooked, she brought results, she was ten places at once, she rode with me on Monday even though I could barely move. All day Sunday, she did several miracles at once, making it look easy every time. Danke, danke, danke!

Julie Stokes, who has been here before helping out when her hubby, Colin, rode.

== and ==

Dave Bruski, who planned to ride but could not, so he came out to support his wife Amy.

Except they were recruited to run the second summit Aid Station each day. Running us the key word when it comes to operating an AS. There is the race to get there before the racers…before THAT, the race to get all of the stuff away from the Race Director, then schlep it up to the AS site. Then you have to decide where to put the AS if the marks are not clear (my mistake, but she got it done anyway), get everything out of the cars and set up, and THEN the work can begin.

Right. All that, and then the work begins.

Thank you, Dave!!
Thank you, Julie!!
Oh…and THANKS to Amy Bruski, too. She pushed me over Friday when the Registration line got long, and took over half of the job for a couple of hours. THANK YOU!!

Kathy Day, who showed up to help support Doug Virtue a few years ago, and absolutely took over at the STOP sign in Big Pine. This year, she agreed to SOLO the remote Swall Meadows Rd side street on Stage 1 and the turn at 168 onto 395, then back the other way on Sunday, along with heading to the Finish each day to help out wherever it was needed. Thanks, Kathy!

Lindsay Shadle, out here with her hubby, eric. He rode Stage 1 and had to pull out Sunday for medical reasons. She was the girl with the huge signs at the turn onto 395 on Saturday, and one of the STOP sign queens in Big Pine. Then she moved up to help Archie at the 8000′ AS Sunday. Truly deserving of the unofficial “Force Of Nature” award. And yes, all of those folks above are also FofN recipients at least once.

Carl Switzky, out here to help Judy Brusslan. Quiet but busy all the time, reducing the workload and keeping people in line. Carl was a dozen different places at different times. Thanks, Carl!!

Kristi Douglas, out here (yes, on her birthday!) to support the very fast Athena Countouriotis. Back for more after she performed near miracles two weeks ago at the MWSR. A little more to do this time, Kristi was at RVS and Paradise and the Finish line, running off to save my butt when there was not enough of something or it was in the wrong place or… Thanks, Kristi!! Again!!

Wayne Linse, a Bishop local, who has ridden a bunch of our events over the last few years. Wayne helped out at Registration Friday and rode a little with us Saturday. Thanks, Wayne!!

Michele Slaton’s hubby, who helped Saturday. I did not get his name…again! Thanks!!

Lloyd Chambers III, who came out to help his son, who is Lloyd Chambers IV (naturally). Lloyd was all over the place both days, including Finish Line Asst. Judge both days. Thanks, Lloyd!!

Sarah Patrick, who offered to help and then could not due to her rather advanced pregnancy…it was the right decision. Thanks for thinking of us, and offering to help!

EC Update 0.1

Charities that YOU support, Part 0.1:
Freedom In Motion Therapeutic Riding Center, in the Hammill Valley 24 miles North of Bishop, puts kids on horses and teaches them to ride.  All kinds of kids.  It turns out that some kids don’t really socialize very well, and this can help.  Sometimes it helps a whole lot, and we think that is pretty cool.

So we help them out a little.  YOU help them out.  We just do the legwork.  THEY will be out on the course both days.  Filling your bottles, getting you ice or half a banana or some electrolytes or whatever.  Making sure you are OK.

We are proud to be a small part of what Carol and Archie Archuleta do at Freedom In Motion, and we want you to know a little bit about them and share in their success.  Thanks for helping make FIM work!

click on Events!

Our Sponsors, Part 0.1:  Hammer Nutrition
When you start thinking about putting on any kind of event, one of the first questions you will ask has to be HOW ARE WE GOING TO PAY FOR ALL OF THIS?  Hammer Nutrition has been our partner at the Everest Challenge for a lot of years, and without them it would be hard to make ends meet.

For years before I got involved with the EC, I rode UltraCycling events.  100, 200 miles…200km, 300km, 40km, 600km.  I have had some nutritional problems!  Once I was eight miles from the turnaround point.  Just wasted, and I could not eat.  Eight miles from “Hey, just a hundred miles to go.”

What do you do?  Well, you learn to do a better job of staying on top of your nutrition, and you learn what works and what does not work.  Everybody is different, but I put the Hammer Nutrition products in my bottles and in my pockets.  Not because they are our best sponsor (which they are).  But because the stuff works.  It works great for me, and it works for most folks.  We will have HEED (all carbs with a little electrolyte), Endurolytes (electrolyte capsules), and some other products that are more endurance related.

As with anything, you should not try ANY new products the day of a race, especially not something as long and tough as the EC.

STOP signs:  Well, they are called that because that is where you STOP.  The CVC says so.  And the nice folks that make our permits say so, and so we say so too.  You have to STOP at the STOP signs.  Every year somebody tells me something like “Hey, I have been racing for xxx years, and I never stopped at a STOP sign in the middle of a race before.  Are you SURE?”

YES, we are sure.  And THANK YOU.

Carpooling to the EC:  At least Lee Comerford is looking for a ride in to the EC from SF.  I mean, he has gotten himself all the way here from London, AGAIN, to come ride with you.  Maybe one of you can help him get rest of the way.   Anybody else looking to carpool?  Post on the FB page, and let’s make it happen!

That’s right, folks!  At long last, the jerseys arrived Tuesday late, and were shipped out yesterday morning.  Along with a little extra something in each package to sort of make up for the long delay.

These are EURO SIZES.  If you are used to Euro, here is the conversion, according to the manufacturer:

XS = size 1

S    =  size 2

M   = size 3

L     = size 4

XL  = size 5

XXL = size 6

3XL = size 7

I shipped out what you ordered.  Having said that, your jersey may be too small.  Send it back with a note and I will get you the next larger size.  I have several extra in each size on hand.  I thought about polling everybody for Euro sizes, but there I was in the living room with all of the envelopes already addressed Tuesday night.  I just couldn’t wait any longer.

So just send it on back if it isn’t right.  No drama, no delay.

And thanks for your patience.  Pending returns, I am closing the book on the EC for 2012.


2012 Jerseys…long story here, but the quality control process is what kept us from having these in time for the actual EC.  As in, I was not happy with the way they looked.  Two potential suppliers and several sample jerseys later – not “send me some random sample”, but “make me one of my design and we will talk once I wear it on a long ride”.

They are making the jerseys this week or next, and should be sending them soon.  I will send jerseys out that were pre-ordered ASAP.  You should see the stack of already-addressed envelopes in my living room.  It bugs me 2-3-5 times a day to see them sitting HERE instead of going THERE, by the way.

You can still get a 2012 jersey (Men’s or Women’s shapes) if you like by sending me a check for $75 including postage:

Steven Barnes

P O Box 231

Rimforest, CA 92378

Photo posted here in the next day or so.  Full zip on every jersey (for the first time).  We will also have a VERY limited supply of bib shorts.  I have been riding the sample bibs and jersey, and the bibs are still a mixed review.  Like the fabric, but no really hot rides yet.  Or any time soon, right?  And the pad feels huge when I am standing in the kitchen mixing up my secret HEED and Perpetuem mix.   But it feels fine on the road.  So who knows?   Drop me a line if you might be interested in bibs.

Actually, you can still get a 2011 or 2010 jersey, too.  2011 is all white, with the EC mountain logo in red and black.  Of course.  2010 is the old “legacy” style in white, busy with red polka dots and all kinds of other neat stuff in red. black, blue, and pretty cool if I do say so myself.

$60 for 2011 and $40 for 2010.  2010 in Men’s and Women’s shapes, 2011 in Men’s only.  YES, $40.  A totally ridiculous deal, really.  But I can’t keep looking at these jerseys for another year, ok?  A couple of EC stickers included with every jersey, too.


And yes, there will be another ALL NEW design for 2013.  Assuming I have a place to put them with all these other jerseys still here…



Well…some things change, and some things stay the same.

We sure like road races, and we sure like scenic destinations.   So we don’t put on any other kind of events!  We hope you will join us for some of the best climbing road races and fun rides anywhere!

These dates are on the calendar, and waiting only for it to be December 1  so we can file the permit applications with USAC.   More details to follow on each of these, and a few more that are still in the works!

Nine Mile Omnium (3/16-17)  This will NOT be the same as the 2012 NMO.  Nothing at all in common.  In fact, it will be the Tuttle Creek Omnium, featuring two road races.  Saturday will be loops in the foothills around Lone Pine, and Sunday will be the same loops in reverse.  If you attended the 2011 or 2012 Mt Whitney Stage Race, you know the loop.  I suppose it is never too soon to point out the STOP signs.  We have to STOP for them.  On the CW loop, there are 3 each loop, and there is only 1 each loop in the CCW direction.  About 13 miles for each loop.  Naturally, there will be an uphill Finish.

Fish Rock Gravel Grinder (5/4) WOW!!!  Talk about new and different!  This is a 60+ mile long loop on mixed terrain.  Mostly asphalt, but with an extended section on gravel fire road.  What to ride?  MTB?  CX bike?  Go for speed on gravel and give up something on pavement…or go all out on pavement and hope to survive on the gravel?  Good questions, and we expect to see a variety of solutions at the Start.  Anderson Valley, one Feed Zone at the end of the gravel, lots of climbing on all surfaces, and big fun!  More to come as we test ride the course.

Death Valley Road Stage Race (5/25-26) Death Valley Road Saturday and Onion Valley Road Sunday.  Monumental climbing all day both days, and we finish early in the day Sunday so you can easily get back home in daylight.

Boonville Road Race (6/30) The best new race of 2012?  Yeah, we heard that from a lot of racers at the Finish.  Racers who were enjoying the shade at the host Boonville Hotel’s outdoor courtyard, and soaking up a Bite Hard Cider.  Compliments of our sponsors.  You really do not want to miss the second edition of this scenic climbing race North of San Francisco in the stunning Anderson Valley.


Everest Challenge RELAY (TBD)  How about some feedback on this??

Everest Challenge Training Camp (also TBD)  We may do these back to back with a package deal!  More in the next week!!


Sherman Pass Road Race (7/20) There is a funny story that goes with this one…and the punchline will be written this year, when we make it all the way up to Sherman Pass!  After 16 miles of monster climbing to get out of the high desert, rolling terrain takes you generally up to the peak of the Sierras.  This point-to-point beast has some tricky logistics, since we need to get everybody back from the summit.  So we will have a couple of vans, but we will still need a few more drivers to get all of the bikes and riders back to the start.  Of course, the ride back is nice too, and some folks will do that!  More details on the flyer December 1.

Everest Challenge Stage Race and Fun Ride (8/23-25)  Yes, circumstances have pushed us to either earlier or later than the weekend we would really prefer.  But this is our new home on the calendar.   This is the one everybody talks about, and looks forward to every year.  The toughest back to back days of climbing at altitude.   Anywhere.  Same course as 2012, including the *extra* bit up Waucoba Canyon.  This will be the permanent EC course.  Even better support, more goodies in the goody bags, more Free Friday Feast, and more of everything you love about the best road race – and fun ride – on the planet!

Mt Whitney Stage Race (9/21-22)  This was originally planned to be in August, but then we had to move the EC.  More on this in the next week.


ALL of our races are easy to do if you are self-supported, and ALL have neutral support on the course, and at the Feed Zones.  ALL Feeds feature water bottles, and HEED Electolyte drink mix, and Endurolytes electrolyte capsules, and other fine products from Hammer Nutrition, our longtime sponsor.  We use Hammer products because they work for us, and are proud to share them with you on the course.

The Cat 5 times have been edited to reflect the (14:00) late start that group had compared to the published Start Times.  Apologies for the delays, both the initial (very) late start to the racing and this (ridiculously late) correction.  Cat 5 times are published here…

Tourist Times were amended to include a Stage 1 Finish that had been missed initially.  Again, sorry about the delay in posting.  Tourist Times in the 10/10 post now show the correction.

bib license   first last Start Finish Stage 1 Start Finish Stage 2 GC (raw) correction GC time Place
558 one day Cat 5 Drew Peterson 7:30:00 06:01:33 7:30:00 13:12:08 5:42:08 11:43:41 00:14:00 11:29:41 1
550 4269 Cat 5 Michael Morgan 7:30:00 05:59:56 7:30:00 13:25:35 5:55:35 11:55:31 00:14:00 11:41:31 2
548 281671 Cat 5 Timothy Mallen 7:30:00 06:27:15 7:30:00 13:24:06 5:54:06 12:21:21 00:14:00 12:07:21 3
547 384604 Cat 5 Walter Lohse 7:30:00 06:18:46 7:30:00 13:38:43 6:08:43 12:27:29 00:14:00 12:13:29 4
540 384845 Cat 5 Christopher Harris 7:30:00 06:24:47 7:30:00 14:02:55 6:32:55 12:57:42 00:14:00 12:43:42 5
544 384158 Cat 5 Nathan Hatfield 7:30:00 06:41:26 7:30:00 13:54:54 6:24:54 13:06:20 00:14:00 12:52:20 6
537 one day Cat 5 Tyler Goforth 7:30:00 06:43:56 7:30:00 14:15:03 6:45:03 13:28:59 00:14:00 13:14:59 7
556 232922 Cat 5 keith weiland 7:30:00 07:07:40 7:30:00 14:10:17 6:40:17 13:47:57 00:14:00 13:33:57 8
539 one day Cat 5 Dean Hall 7:30:00 06:49:56 7:30:00 14:39:38 7:09:38 13:59:34 00:14:00 13:45:34 9
555 one day Cat 5 Steven Walker 7:30:00 07:19:21 7:30:00 14:24:17 6:54:17 14:13:38 00:14:00 13:59:38 10
545 187456 Cat 5 Justin Hoblet 7:30:00 07:15:40 7:30:00 14:41:06 7:11:06 14:26:46 00:14:00 14:12:46 11
512 377440 Cat 5 dale capewell 7:30:00 07:12:03 7:30:00 15:00:33 7:30:33 14:42:36 00:14:00 14:28:36 12
551 one day Cat 5 Frank Rand 7:30:00 07:26:22 7:30:00 14:47:30 7:17:30 14:43:52 00:14:00 14:29:52 13
520 323506 Cat 5 Tyler Chairsell 7:30:00 07:39:03 7:30:00 14:51:02 7:21:02 15:00:05 00:14:00 14:46:05 14
552 374683 Cat 5 Jarrett Smith 7:30:00 07:56:15 7:30:00 14:40:39 7:10:39 15:06:54 00:14:00 14:52:54 15
559 349852 Cat 5 Vincent Magret 7:30:00 07:55:35 7:30:00 15:19:10 7:49:10 15:44:45 00:14:00 15:30:45 16
553 one day Cat 5 Matthew Swanson 7:30:00 08:14:08 7:30:00 15:05:12 7:35:12 15:49:20 00:14:00 15:35:20 17
549 183955 Cat 5 Moises Molina 7:30:00 08:42:06 7:30:00 15:01:11 7:31:11 16:13:17 00:14:00 15:59:17 18
527 one day Cat 5 Allen Cooper 7:30:00 08:45:21 7:30:00 15:21:52 7:51:52 16:37:13 00:14:00 16:23:13 19
554 227877 Cat 5 Claudio Torres 7:30:00 08:13:35 7:30:00 16:12:07 8:42:07 16:55:42 00:14:00 16:41:42 20
557 one day Cat 5 Matthew Weitzel 7:30:00 08:16:34 7:30:00 16:52:44 9:22:44 17:39:18 00:14:00 17:25:18 21